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Overwaitea Food Group LP INDUSTRIAL / MISCELLANEOUS Kootenay, Cranbrook 4405844 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-08-16 View Application
Campbell Icefield Chalet Ltd. COMMERCIAL RECREATION / MULTIPLE USE Kootenay, Cranbrook 4403351 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-08-10 View Application
Randall Gniewotta TRANSPORTATION / ROADWAY Kootenay, Cranbrook 4405837 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-08-10 View Application
District of Invermere COMMUNITY / COMMUNITY FACILITY Kootenay, Cranbrook 4404082 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-07-31 View Application
Canadian Mountain Holidays LP COMMERCIAL / COMMERCIAL B Kootenay, Cranbrook 4405832 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-07-25 View Application
Selkirk Wilderness Skiing Ltd. COMMERCIAL RECREATION / CAT SKI Kootenay, Cranbrook 4496107 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-07-24 View Application
Revelstoke Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association COMMUNITY / COMMUNITY FACILITY Kootenay, Cranbrook 4405831 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-07-21 View Application
Regional District of Kootenay Boundary COMMUNITY / COMMUNITY FACILITY Kootenay, Cranbrook 4405830 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-07-11 View Application
Telus Communications Inc. UTILITY / TELECOMMUNICATION LINE Kootenay, Cranbrook 4405825 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-07-06 View Application
Ruth Breemer RESIDENTIAL / PRIVATE MOORAGE Kootenay, Cranbrook 4405822 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-07-04 View Application
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