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Knee Deep Developments Corp. RESIDENTIAL / MISCELLANEOUS Southern Interior, Kamloops 4405736 OFFERED 2017-04-18 View Application
Apex Mountain Resort (1997) Ltd. UTILITY / ELECTRIC POWERLINE Southern Interior, Kamloops 3412962 OFFERED 2017-04-07 View Application
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd. COMMERCIAL RECREATION / MISCELLANEOUS Southern Interior, Kamloops 4405737 OFFERED 2017-04-04 View Application
Fraser, Graeme and Laurie RESIDENTIAL / PRIVATE MOORAGE Southern Interior, Kamloops 3410785 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-03-24 View Application
THEW, Heather & Randall and LEIB, Jamie & Robert RESIDENTIAL / PRIVATE MOORAGE Southern Interior, Kamloops 3412783 OFFERED 2017-03-24 View Application
Funk, Blaine and Wendy RESIDENTIAL / PRIVATE MOORAGE Southern Interior, Kamloops 3404488 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2017-03-08 View Application
Alterna Action Films COMMERCIAL / FILM PRODUCTION Southern Interior, Kamloops 3413180 OFFERED 2017-03-06 View Application
Sywash Logging Ltd. TRANSPORTATION / ROADWAY Lower Mainland, Surrey 2411844 ABANDONED 2017-02-15 View Application
Tsay Keh Economic Development Corporation INDUSTRIAL / GENERAL Omineca/Peace, Prince George 7408893 OFFERED 2017-02-10 View Application
Courtney, James & Sandra RESIDENTIAL / PRIVATE MOORAGE Southern Interior, Kamloops 3411887 OFFERED 2017-02-07 View Application
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