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Walker, Kenneth & Priscilla RESIDENTIAL / RECREATIONAL RESIDENTIAL Southern Interior, Kamloops 0250608 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-07-15 View Application
Bevacqua, Luciano, Lucia, Maria & Silvano RESIDENTIAL / RECREATIONAL RESIDENTIAL Southern Interior, Kamloops 0301658 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-07-07 View Application
Munro, Virginia RESIDENTIAL / RECREATIONAL RESIDENTIAL Southern Interior, Kamloops 0257976 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-06-02 View Application
Shearwater Marine Group Ltd. ENERGY PRODUCTION / GENERAL Vancouver Island, Nanaimo 5406851 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-05-27 View Application
Gro-Wel Enterprises Ltd. COMMERCIAL / COMMERCIAL A Southern Interior, Kamloops 3410513 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-05-20 View Application
Wild Water Adventures, Inc. COMMERCIAL RECREATION / GUIDED FRESHWATER RECREATION Kootenay, Cranbrook 4403484 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-05-01 View Application
Hazen Gauthier and Lisa Rogers RESIDENTIAL / PRIVATE MOORAGE Lower Mainland, Surrey 2408355 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-04-28 View Application
Shadow Mountain Outfitters Ltd. COMMERCIAL RECREATION / HUNT CAMPS Kootenay, Cranbrook 4404049 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-04-02 View Application
Macs Oysters Ltd. COMMERCIAL / COMMERCIAL A Vancouver Island, Nanaimo 0291553 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-04-01 View Application
Eagle Rock Materials Ltd. QUARRYING / SAND AND GRAVEL Vancouver Island, Nanaimo 1412135 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2003-03-03 View Application
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