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Greenaway, Lorne & Phyllis RESIDENTIAL / RECREATIONAL RESIDENTIAL Southern Interior, Kamloops 0231517 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2005-02-09 View Application
Hooey, Floyd John RESIDENTIAL / RECREATIONAL RESIDENTIAL Southern Interior, Kamloops 0344848 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2005-02-09 View Application
Westscapes Development Inc. ALPINE SKIING / CONTROLLED RECREATION AREA Southern Interior, Kamloops 3410900 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2005-01-11 View Application
Oak Bay Marina Ltd. COMMERCIAL / MARINA Vancouver Island, Nanaimo 0114642 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2005-01-10 View Application
Race the Rockies Ltd. COMMERCIAL RECREATION / MULTIPLE USE Kootenay, Cranbrook 4404319 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2004-12-24 View Application
Oestreich, Karen and Lancaster, Len AGRICULTURE / EXTENSIVE Kootenay, Cranbrook 4403690 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2004-12-07 View Application
H B Land Company Ltd. MISCELLANEOUS LAND USES / OTHER Southern Interior, Kamloops 3410880 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2004-12-02 View Application
R 93 Enterprises Ltd. COMMERCIAL / MARINA Southern Interior, Kamloops 3404721 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2004-11-15 View Application
International Forest Products Limited INDUSTRIAL / LOG HANDLING/STORAGE Vancouver Island, Nanaimo 0230277 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2004-11-10 View Application
Village of Cache Creek INSTITUTIONAL / MISCELLANEOUS Southern Interior, Kamloops 3410728 APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW 2004-11-09 View Application
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