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Client: SCPP Holdings Inc.
Region: Lower Mainland, Surrey
Agency: Crown Land Allocation
File: #2411880

May 17, 2017

Location: Skookum Creek
Area (Hectares): 1.57 ha +-
BCGS Mapsheet: 92G076
Legal Description: That parcel or tract of land in the vicinity of District Lot 8204, Group 1, New Westminster District.


SCPP Holdings Inc. (SCPP) is making application to secure the requisite authorizations and approvals in support of an ?Investigative Use Licence? for the Skookum Tributary 6 Intake Project (Project).
Tributary 6 is a steep mountain tributary creek to Skookum Creek and is located near the Skookum Power Project Intake approximately 12 km east of Squamish British Columbia. The proposed project would divert flow from Tributary 6 to the Skookum Project penstock. The project does not require a switch yard, powerhouse or transmission line.

2411880 Management Plan


2411880 MAPs


NOTICE: No decisions have been made for this application at this time.


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