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Client: Adolph Creek Power Corporation
Region: Southern Interior, Kamloops
Agency: Crown Land Allocation
File: #3413170

May 18, 2017

Location: in the vicinity of Adolph Creek
Area (Hectares): 2599.1747
BCGS Mapsheet: 83D.044 83D.045 83D.053 83D.054
Legal Description: District Lot 2523 and those parts of District Lots 3587, 3122, 3588, 3113, 2515, 2524, 2525, 2526, 2528 all Kamloops Division Yale District together with the unsurveyed Crown land in the vicinity of Adolph Creek.


This is an application over Crown land for an Investigative Licence. The purpose is to conduct surveys, feasibility studies, assessments, site investigations and collect water data to determine the viability of water resource and the potential for future development and generation of energy from water.

Some disturbance on the land is anticipated during the term of Investigative Licence as a roadway tenure application (File 3413171) has been received to allow access to the Investigative Area.

Adolph Creek Power Corporation intends to construct an access road approximately 3 kilometres by 15 metres, connecting the Adolph Creek FSR (south of Valemount BC) to the intake location of the proposed Adolph Creek Water Power Project site for the investigative phase of the Project. The length of the access road will include the Adolph Creek FSR which will also require upgrading. A Section 11 Notification under the Water Act has also been received to allow installation of culverts and construction of temporary fords.

For details, please refer to the attached Investigative Plan. There is also an application for a Water Licence, under the Water Act, under Water File: 3005975.

Stream Crossing Map


Road Site Map


Location Map


Overview Map


Project Scope


Investigative Plan


NOTICE: No decisions have been made for this application at this time.


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