Applications and Reasons for Decision


Client: Switzer, Steven and Jacqueline
Region: Southern Interior, Kamloops
Agency: Crown Land Allocation
File: #3412794

May 16, 2017

Location: 4401 Westside Rd.
Area (Hectares): 0.055
BCGS Mapsheet: 82L 033
Legal Description: Lot 1 District Lot 3546 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan KAP60766


This is an application over Crown foreshore and the bed of Okanagan Lake for an existing dock fronting the land owner?s private property and no new construction is proposed at this time. This dock was built a number of years ago. The applicant is the new upland property owner wishing to apply for a Specific Permission which has no fixed term or expiry date. There are no other coincidental authorizations

Site Plan


Legal Description Schedule


NOTICE: No decisions have been made for this application at this time.


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